Updated site www.hug-advertising.co.uk

Just updated our website with Blocsapp, using Tumult Hype, Cinema 4d, After effects for animations.



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Hey @stokerjohn

The site looks brilliant! The animations and video are really impressive. My only comment from a design / typography perspective is that the column widths on the portfolio pages are really wide. I’d consider making the columns narrower or using more columns. But overall brilliant, really impactful.

Amazing project, done with concept and flow yet simple. Congratulations, man!

Nice site! Can you set up your background for full screen padding? I’m getting some of the next content section showing at bottom.

Beautifully Designed! :slight_smile:

Very nice ! slick, modern - fresh.

Thank you, yes something I will be doing, appreciate your feedback, cheers

Thank you, and yes I agree, something I looked back on the other day, wanted to take a step back as I was becoming a little snow-blind when your so focused on a site.

cheers !