UPDATED! Travelmojo Co. Website

Check out the Updated Version of Travelmojo Co.'s Website :slight_smile:

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@mackyangeles Very nice site. It works well. I like everything except the really light blue background in some of the content area. I think it’s so close to white that it kind of competes with the nice white content bricks. Maybe try a really light gray, I think the content bricks would stand out a little bit more. It’s purely what you like as it’s a very nice site, just my observation from viewing it.


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Good. Keep it simple. Functions with ease.

I would raise the saturation of words 10-40% on the OUR COMMIMENT, SERVICES, RAVES, AND COMMUNITY pages, perhaps not to the level of the BLOCS lettering you’re reading from now. I squint to fccus while reading on those pages.

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Very nice work @mackyangeles
Love the almost perfect optimization for mobile!

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OK, the bad boy of the blocsapp forum has cast a quick look…

I like the site.

I’m not a fan of the colour choices, they don’t work for me. To be fair I have to wonder if it’s a cultural thing because the site seems to mostly be patronised by asian clients and the colour palletes favoured in the East and West aren’t the same.

The “Raves” section made me think about Music raves not customer feedback.

The services section should be properly aligned horizontally.

The “Travelmojo experience” seems to be a different colour to that used elsewhere. Oh, I see the colour pallete has a red as well as an orange. Ok.

Sometimes names are in black, sometimes blue…

I’d like to know more about the company founders - say more about their approach to the travel industry and try and push a USP.

Something I dislike about the site, from a travellers perspective…

There are loads of tours to various destinations listed, with the names of various stopovers.

As a client I like to know how I would travel to the country, where I would stay, how I would travel between locations and what I might see. Looking again at the site I suspect the company puts together a bespoke holiday, rather than pre-existing offerings. If so, I’m not sure it comes over that well. A few case studies could work well.

It may seem a lot of comments but I suspect there may be a cultural perspective and different expectations at work, so don’t take all my stuff to heart. Let me know what you think.

Maybe the market is different in Asia. Maybe my comments aren’t so applicable to your situation. I don’t really know your client, so maybe it’s spot-on!

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HAHA… @pauland you did it again! You’ve been an epic critic as always. I’ll cascade your comments to my client (Travelmojo) HAHA. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Glad you’re not offended!

One other thing I do and I think should be done on websites (static ones, particularly) is to make images symmetrical wherever possible so the bottom edges align.

Anyway, it’s what I do. It can be time-consuming.

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@pauland known you for so long now hehe :wink:

Looking forward seeing your projects too! Hehe… So that we have the guide on what is good and bad in a “symmetrical” way :slight_smile:

My stuff is far from perfect. Sometimes you go with what makes your client happy and you still see things that should be addressed, but the client is happy and you’ve spent far too much time on the site already.


There are some alignment issues I should really correct. I try and do better.


There’s one thing to consider. The mistakes I see in other websites don’t automatically make mine better, just as the mistakes other people spot in my websites won’t make their sites better either!

We all evolve and I think Eldar is the master here.

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@pauland well said.


Very well said! That’s why I admire some people like you who see things not with foolish pride rather a mature and well thought criticism that makes people to learn and explore more! :slight_smile:

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Can you add the search motors to a travel agency website? for example like skyscanner or logitravel?

Love it, great job! how did U make the photoblogs with text and button?