Updating Custom Brics?


Hello everybody!

I am just playing around with a first custom bric. It is the sticky alert bric.

I am just wondering, is there (will there be) a way to see which version of a custom bric I have installed?
How do I get the info, that a new version of a bric is available?
Will custom brics auto-update?

Coming over from Rapidweaver, I would love to have a similar functionality to the stacks update function.

Just my two cent


Like several others here I also came over to Blocs from Rapidweaver. Go to the developer menu item and click on Bric Builder. From there you can see all the installed custom brics, along with information, including the build number. At the moment they don’t auto update, however I am sure this is something that will be developed before long so it runs more along the lines of Stacks for updates.


Edit. Just realised custom brics have an implemented update facility. How cool is that.


That was the missing piece… thank you for pointing it out to me!


Where? Can’t find it.
Help is appreciated.


I can’t see it either.


nope, thats not written yet.


All I can see is a field for an Update URL.

I suppose that would be for manually updating the Bric via a link.


This will eventually be used to push updates. The functionality is yet to be written and tested, bric API is still in alpha


I must be going mad. I read Flashmans reply too quickly and thought I had over looked the bric update process. Apologies.