Upgrade - need assistance

I received notification of the new Blocs 3 but unfortunately, the only way you provide for upgrading is to actually have the previous version on the computer. I don’t have it here but i do have a receipt from “UI.STORE”, and it does not contain a serial number or activation key. Could you please contact me privately to exchange credentials so I can upgrade?

Thank you,


Search your emails from Paddle. There should be another email with your serial number on - you can then download blocsapp 2 and upgrade.

Why did you delete the blocs 2 from your computer?

  1. Unable to locate the Paddle email.

  2. Why are you asking?

I was curious about why you deleted blocs 2, because if you were using it it should still be around and the licence issue wouldn’t matter ( and you could see what your licence number is).

Whatever the date/time of the uistore receipt email, the seperate licence email should be in your inbox at almost the same moment.

Sorry, it’s not on my computer.

I searched my email for all notes on and 2 days pre and post that date. Nothing.

That’s very strange. I just found my receipt from UI Store and it does include the serial number. The move to Paddle is very recent. You can download Blocs 2.6.5 from here https://blocsapp.com/blocs2/release-notes.html

For the serial number I think you should contact Norm directly with your oder details from the same email address that was used at time of order. You can sign up and submit a support request here https://cazoobi.freshdesk.com/support/home

I know it doesn’t help you in this case but I use an app called 1Password and always save any details like serial numbers and purchase details whenever I buy some new software. It’s just good to keep everything secure in one place with all the purchase information.

I use Wallet from Acrylic Software. Recommend it.