Upgrade to Tab Anything Pro?

Anyone know how to update to Pro? All I see is a SN# and PDF.

Upgrade to latest version? You can do that through the Extension Manager in Blocs.

To upgrade from standard version to PRO do that here.

Hi @Whittfield, I already purchased the upgrade (Saturday). I read somewhere that there is no physical install so how do I update?

I’m sorry about that John, I completely missed you’re the notice. I think I got 2 upgrades close together and didn’t catch it.

I have just upgraded your Gumroad Library with the Pro version. You still have standard version in case you have need for it, but really you can use Pro going forward.

Thanks again, go forth and Tab stuff!

@Whittfield Appreciate it and no worries. Big supporter here and always looking forward to what you put out.


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@Whittfield How to upgrade to Pro at Black Friday Sale?

I missed that one, it’s updated now. Thanks @Grandpa. :blush: