Upload without saving before

Hello, Norm,
i like blocs very much, but as an idea, not having to save your web pages before uploading them … in Frontpage from Microsoft, anno 1999, there was a function to exchange pages directly on the server, from your computer - without any intermediate step.

That would be nice in Blocs too.
Thank you very much for reading the lines,

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I very much hope that Norm never does this. In all of the programs where I have seen this done, there have been problems.

Blocsapp has a limit to development resources and I’d rather Norm stick to Blocsapp features rather than re-invent the FTP wheel.

There are plenty of good FTP solutions out there so there’s really no need for this, but I do understand why it would be convenient if Norm was Microsoft and not just Norm.

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Oh, such a restrictive answer.
Forgive me… I just found it very comfortable.
This function in Frontpage.

Sorry Thomas!

Norm is already so busy with things that improve the functionality of blocsapp, it would not be productive to divert that effort into something that we can all do easily already.

Microsoft had a large team of developers, blocsapp does not.

Agree @pauland
Simply open, save a copy in case you want to roll back, and your off.
I must have 10+ copies of previous versions.
Think ‘Time Machine’

Hello @vandieck I understand your question but have to agree with others user, but I think you can do it easily with help of transmit for example. If you use a specific page with the HTML for each client you can make transmit to synchronize each page to each ftp account.

So when you finish in blocs and want to implement in your webpage you export your project to a specific folder and this folder is sync with ftp. So you don’t need to do anything more.

Hope it helps you…