Uploading to 1&1

I’m having problems uploading to 1&1 hosting with filezilla.
i export my site and save it, then when i upload it, nothing happens (no website)
it connects to the servers and transfers the files, but nothing.

please can someone tell me exactly where to save the file / website on a mac while building it.
And what exactly to upload, (is it just the website file?

I’m new to blocs and web design, so don’t have experience in this field.

any help would save me endless hours,

Which folder is set as your upload destination? This is often a folder called www or public_html but if your files are stored in the wrong place the website won’t show up. If in doubt ask your web host.

For the local export from Blocs just choose a folder and then upload the entire contents. I have a general folder for exported Blocs projects, then I have a sub folder for each website.

Just make sure that your uploading the files within the exported folder and not the folder itself. Your web hosting service (in most cases) should have the domain folder already there before uploading.

@Flashman interesting the way you store the exported files. I have a main Blocs folder and each website has its own folder but I export the sites into its parent folder.


Like this:


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I am hosting my site also at 1&1 (Germany). inside the admin panel you can define the folder of your webspace where your site should be stored. In FileZilla you simply have to locate this folder and load your data there…

The good news is blocs hosting is relaunching to stop problems and to help everyone.

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thanks, but after a lengthily chat with 1&1 the directory needed changing, so when i uploaded from filezilla it went where it should of

If you have any more problems then Blocs Hosting has our quick and easy exclusive upload tool as well as our legendary support :muscle:

How long have you been operating to establish such a reputation?

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