User file upload option

Hi, I am working on my first website and have gotten to the online enquiry form, I managed everything except…

I would like to make a new field where the user would upload a file. I could not find anything related in the options.

Anyone who can help please?

I’ve got the same question, i Would like for my contact form an upload file…

Perhaps I will create a bric for this. I will have a look this weekend, how complicated it will be. @ariane @tcg How do you imagine, how the link between the uploaded file and the form submit should be handeled? Should the name in the form be added to the file name?

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Hey @webplus, It would be great if you created a bric for that. I’m looking for an option for someone to sign into a form on my website and attach a small file. This information + file should then be sent by mail.

Furthermore a good start into the weekend.