Using Blocs 2.5 and 3 t possible?

I am thinking to buy version 3 and i want to know if it’s possible to use Blocs 2.5 and 3 alongside… thanks!

Hi @vmcv

yes it is possible see:

Blocs 3 is Here


You can certainly have 2.5 installed as well as version 3. You could carry on using Blocs 2.5 just as you did before, though personally I would always use Blocs 3 unless it was just to make a small update on an existing older site.

*Just a quick note that you will not be able to adjust projects in Blocs 2.5 if they have previously been edited and saved in Blocs 3.

HI… I just tried what Norm said… add this name Blocs-2 so they don’t overwrite. I just added that name and try if i can open Blocs (Blocs-2)…it doesn’t …sooo what I did wrong here?

Hi @vmcv

Difficult to say why it may not work on your computer. It works fine on mine. Even the dock shortcut updates accordingly.


Yes I noticed that the dock shortcut updates… but I clicked and it doesn’t even move. nothing at all happening here… agg…now. I sticked to Blocs 2.5

Have you tried to open Blocs directly from the Applications folder ? Have you made sure you still have the .app extension ?

yes I tried to open it from there too with the name Blocs-2 but no, still same…but if I rename it as before Blocs, then it opens normally
any suggestions?

I have Blocs 2.6.5 along Blocs 3 and just downloaded Blocs 2.5.0 to see if there was an issue there but no, it opens as well. So I do not know what may wrong with yours… Sorry


Norm gave me the tip to put the extracted program file on the desktop, than rename it there and put it than in the Application folder.
Worked super here.

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Well you can also download Blocs 3 and when you open the dmg file you drag the app to the applications folder.

It will then ask you:

Click Keep both and it will automatically rename Blocs (3) to Blocs-2


when i do that, it doesn’t automatically rename Blocs 3 or -2 or whatever, it always renames “copy”

Well, @MDS was wright, it should work the “blocs way”, but for me it didn´t so I followed @Norm ´s instructions.
That way I found my into running both versions on the same computer.