Using Blocs for full-stack development

Hello, is anyone using Blocs as a part of their javascript stack for developing web applications? I think the tool would be extremely useful for a non-designer, but I am curious if there are any “gotchas” that would prevent me from building the HTML/CSS for a site in Blocs and then using that to build out components in a React app. How well would Blocs fit into a MERN stack, for example?

Is your react application using # hash navigation (react router)?

I’d most likely use Next.js which has built-in routing.

Every Blocs page includes the full html markup (including head, body, references to js and css), so this might not the way you intent to use Blocs with hash routing.

When you build a site in Blocs, are you able to export the non-minified html/css? If that’s the case, my thought was to export the completed site and copy the header section and the css into a Header component. Then basically do that for each section of the site. i.e. Footer, Hero, Contact, etc. Does that seem doable? I would really just be using Blocs as an easy way to build the interface. Everything else would be handled in the React app.

You can definitely decide what is minified at time of export.

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 14.53.51

I have never worked with React and basically find I can do any coding I need within Blocs, but I think what you want should be possible.

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