Using Bootstrap Studio 6.1 New Features in Blocs

Can any of these new features be used in Blocs?

(What's new in Bootstrap Studio 6.1 - YouTube) Component Resizing
(What's new in Bootstrap Studio 6.1 - YouTube) Improved Appearance
Panel(What's new in Bootstrap Studio 6.1 - YouTube)
Scroll Zoom Animation(What's new in Bootstrap Studio 6.1 - YouTube) Backdrop Filters

What does Bootstrap Studio have to do with Blocs?

That scroll zoom animation is a nice feature…

Do you watch the video? It would be cool if Blocs could bring in some of these features.

Well, your title is a bit misleading.

Changed it.
Using Bootstrap 6.1 New Features in Blocs

It would be cool to see most of the super handy Blocs features in BSS. :grin:

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I like the easy to user Component Resizing. :grinning:

If there’s one thing which is better in Blocs it’s component resizing.

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May I should have titles the post. Are there any BS 5.x features missing in Blocs, where you don’t have add code :question:

Which features are you missing that you currently have to code yourself? :thinking:

Since I’ve been with Blocs and been part of this Forum there has been lots of tweaking through code in order for users to achieve what they need. You see many times users trying to implement CodePen or other like it.

What is it that you are having to code yourself though?

Not me, I am not a coder, which is why I like Blocs. It’s other developers…

That’s what developers do though. All these things are great tools and some features are ok out of the box. But creating a custom solution that blends into a design adding to it, and doesn’t look like it’s just stuck on is part of the Skillset that people pay for.

If a client isn’t paying or doesn’t want to pay the $$$ for it they get the tick box :rofl::rofl::innocent:


Well said, for all who have those skills. For us simple more minded, who like point and click, we love Blocs. For me I love learning, but I am slow. I do not have enough knowledge to to this for a living. Just having fun. :question:

Blocs has had this feature for 4 years now (since V3), padding and margin included (freehand).

Blocs also support corner radius on canvas too :sunglasses:

It looks more like BS Studio is catching up with Blocs in this regard.


I do like the page speed scores I get with Bootstrap Studio though. Maybe it’s just me, but I never seem to get these results even with the simplest Blocs Site. Going to replicate what I did so far in Bootstrap Studio though, to compare with Blocs 5 results on page speed.

Talking about this current work in progress:

Page Speed results:

Would be interested to know how these scores differ. Some nice improvements coming in v5 regarding Page load performance.

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I’ll keep you updated :wink:

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