Using Database/API REST/JSON with Bloc?


I’m new to Blocs. I just bought it a few days ago.

Is there a way to connect a Blocs made website to a database for accessing outside data (dynamic content)? Anybody had plans to build a sort of a bridge/Bric? I use the FileMaker Data API (REST/JSON). I understand that Blocs can export to some CMS, but I would prefer a more direct link to manage contain.

I read some threads in this forum. The more recent was active last year (PHP approach). Many things may have appeared since ( Blocs updates, experimentation, new brics, etc.).

Thanks in advance,

Claude B.

That’s always a question how many users would use such a bric, and how much it is allowed to cost.

It sounds like a very specialised product, which would not get a lot of customers…

Agreed … but …
I use Filemaker too, but never thought about connecting it with a web design app.
Let’s see how many users are interested in such a bric.
I would pay for it as long as it’s not too expensive. (what ever that means)

Yeah, whatever that means…

Thank you for your response.

I wish we could find a way to make web sites built by Blocs more dynamic. I’ll explore Code Widget. But a connection to a database could be very efficient when we need a lot of content changes.

I use FileMaker most of the time, but a REST/JSON connection could be done with many other DB like PostGres (which I use too), MySQL, MS SQL, etc. Maybe that kind of development could interest new users and help Blocs to grow.

Anyway. Thank you again.

Claude B.