Using Google Forms in Blocs

Hi, Has anyone used a Google Form for gathering information on a Blocs website?
I have just uploaded 2 x Blocs websites to my server and all went well. I used to use Adobe Muse and I must say I am glad I decided to move over to Blocs.

Hi @priceb
I haven’t used them myself. But from what I understand, the forms just use a standard iFrame, so using a code bric and copy paste the HTML google gives you should work.

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I’ve not tried that, but on the subject of Google and Blocs there is a free bric that may be useful for some

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Hi @priceb

I have used Google forms several times and everything has worked perfectly.

If I can help with something, you can comment

Although now the form has been closed by the end of the registration period you can see it on this website:


Hola @priceb

He utilizado varias veces los formularios de Google y todo ha funcionado perfectamente.

Si puedo ayudar en algo, puedes comentarlo

Aunque ahora el formulario se ha cerrado por final de plazo de inscripción puedes verlo en esta web:

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Yes! Thanks all seems to work fine.