Using Inline SVG inline with text

I’ve read several threads talking about Inline SVG but none describe how to use it. The name suggests you can use it “inline” but that’s not what I am seeing. I want to use SVG’s inline with text (paragraph), but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do that.

Sure, I can add Inline SVG on its own line inside a Column, separate from everything else, but that’s not “inline” in my book. Again, how do I use Inline SVG to put an SVG (icon, whatever) inline with a block of text?

“Icon Heading” puts an icon line with text, but it limits you to having the icon fixed at left of the text. I was hoping Inline SVG would offer the freedom to put an SVG anywhere in the text, but again, I don’t see how to accomplish this with “Inline SVG.” Do you?



Yo could do it with a HTML widget. :nerd_face:

Sample file: inline-svg.bloc (198.0 KB)

Cheers / Johny


Thank you for the example Bloc, Johny. That seems to be the only way of doing it. Which begs the question…

What is the purpose of “Inline SVG”? And how is it at all “inline”?



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Inline is handy since it’s embedded in the html code instead as linked files.
And quite useful with css classes so you can change colors of all svg’s instead of having to make new svg’s.
I’ve only used it once or twice and it was to have the css control over colors.
I had some icons and needed to change the colors several times to fit the over all theme, that process was so much faster than recreating all the svg’s.

Cheers / Johny :nerd_face:

I also see the need for more flexibility when entering text. I feel very constrained by Blocs way of handling text. It is really hard to do anything out of the ordinary, such as adding icons in the middle of some text, etc.

Also I find having to open the Bric overlay every time I want to add something text related like a header tag, bullet list etc. very time consuming.


My intent would be like that of @gary, to use it far more than once or twice. Being “inline with HTML” isn’t really what I seek. Like Gary, I want the freedom to drop an icon anywhere in text, as often as I want, without being forced to use Code Widgets and all that mess.

The easier you make text composition, the fast site construction becomes and the less burdensome the maintenance of the site.