Using Lottie animations in Blocs

Hello everyone,

Following several threads about the usage of Lottie animation in Blocs, I decided to create a new post to try to illustrate in a simple way how I was able to add Lotties.

  1. Drag and drop your lottie file into the Lottie editor in
    Lottie Editor

  2. After editing your lottie, upload it (button at the lower right corner of lottie editor) to your personal account in Lottie Files (it’s free).

3.Copy the asset link to Lottie web player

  1. Adjust lottie settings if necessary and copy code

  2. In Blocs add a code widget and paste the code

  3. Preview your website

  4. You should see your lottie animation running in your website

  5. You can even edit some parameters of your lottie in the code widget such as color, size and speed

Let me know if this worked for you and feel free to comment and suggest alternative methods for adding a lottie to Blocs.

All the best

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