Using WOW-slider

Is it possible to use WOW slider in Blocs?

if so, in what way.

Never used WOW Slider but from a quick read I see that it outputs the .html, .css and .js files you’ll need to add to your blocks site.

The details about the files is on their website here(see docs.)

Easiest way to add to blocks I will give it a shot.

  1. First step realize that you’ll need to move those .css and .js files into your Blocs project folder.

  2. Next open Blocs and attach the css + js files to your page. (css first please)

  3. There’s a file called wowslider-howto.html that you can open in your browser (double click it or right click and open in browser). This page makes it easier to identify the HTML you’ll need to copy and paste into Blocs. see screenshot.

  4. Finally, now back in Blocs you will place an HTML bric where you want the slider to appear. Paste the code that you copied from wowslider-howto.html into the html bric.

That’s it. Should work from that point given no javascript errors or conflicts with other javascript libraries.

That does not work for me. I still shows a conflict w/ query.js …
Is there any proper tutorial?

This is a common issue with all products produced by the same company. None of their products seem to work well in Blocs, so I guess it has something to do with the js code they use causing conflicts.