Validation of forms - language

I am creating sites in various languages such as French, German and Spanish in addition to English.

As such I have been modifying the file jqBootstrapValidation.js which prompts validation for forms from English to other languages when necessary and replacing the original file when I FTP the site each time I make a change.

Simple question : is the jqBootstrapValidation.js file actually modified by any change I would make to the site design (structure)?

If there is no change to the file, that would mean I could create once for all one jqBootstrapValidation.js per language and FTP it only once and not every time I make a new change to the site. Is this assumption correct ? @Norm @pauland

I understand however that I could not have validation for more than one language at a time. Correct ?

Thank you very much for your response.


PS: Keep up the briliant work. Looking forward to the release of Solis as well

I believe that everytime you recreate the site and upload, your file will be overwritten. Blocsapp generates the whole site, not just what has been changed.

It’s not the end of the world, it just requires care to re-instate the form handler, or to make it such that it is locked and not changeable.

Would be nice to have an option not to overwrite the form handler, or better still have some fields in the dev system so that the foreign language alternatives could be used in the form generation.

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I changed the jqBootstrapValidation.js once to my needs and tell the FTP App not to upload it anymore.

@pauland @Bootsie

Thank you both for your replies.

I perfectly understand that with every upload my file would be overwritten as Blocsapp generates the whole site. Not an issue for me.

If I understand correctly, the jqBootrstrapValidation.js is not modified by any design structure and is therefore always the same every time a upload or re-upload a site ? So if I have a site in French, for instance, and have made a new iteration of the jqBootrstrapValidation.js in French for that site I won’t need to mofify it if I make a change to the site design in Blocsapp. Just need to make sure I do not overwrite it when I FTP. Correct ?

Thanks again for your prompt assistance.


No. It’s the other way round.
Every time you make a change in your project and export it all files will be overwritten. Even the jqBootrstrapValidation.js. (as far as I know)

So you must make the change in the jqBootrstrapValidation.js with a html editor like BBEdit, save it on your server and make sure it won’t be overwritten when you update your project.

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What Bootsie said. I forgot about the js stuff…

@bootsie @pauland is the following correct put this way ?

I get it that all files will be overwritten once I make a change to my project, that’s how Blocsapp works.

However, my question is although all files will be overwritten (HTML export prior to FTP), is the content of the jqBootrstrapValidation.js (the default one) changing every single time I make a change to the site or is this file static ?

For instance, if I have my site in English, the jqBootrstrapValidation.js default file is in English and I export to HTML and FTP the whole site. Now I make a change to the Blocsapp site, adding a bloc, a form or whatsoever. I export to HTML and FTP everything without the “new” jqBootrstrapValidation.js and leaving the old one not being overwritten. Do I risk that my old file jqBootrstrapValidation.js does not contain something that would prevent my new changes in the site to work correctly ?

In other words, if I make a jqBootrstrapValidation.js in French and make sure it is never overwritten when I FTP my site with new changes, will the previous untouched jqBootrstrapValidation.js file still be valid or do I need to change the content because of new changes such as the addition of a new bloc ?

I am sure we’re on the same line and semantics are confusing us and I just want to make sure I only need to create once new jqBootrstrapValidation.js in different languages. And if this is the case, once I create all jqBootrstrapValidation.js in various languages I could share them for anyone else who would like to use them (provided they remain static…)

Thanks for your help.


Hi Phil,
I must confess that I’ve no Idea.
There’re people on this forum who know much more about Javascript.
@sandy ??

I would expect it to be static but for sure I don’t know. Easy for you to test the theory by making a copy then changing the contents and changing the form to see if the js changes. I don’t expect it to.

However, if norm updates the js file you will need to re-do the updates again.

Norm could change the handling at any time.

Thanks to both @Bootsie and @pauland

I would also tend to believe it remains static however I’ll have to test it to be on the safe side.

Thanks for all.