Variable Fonts in Blocs 3

Variable Fonts allow typography on the web to adapt to the flexible nature of screens, environments and devices. They reduce the number of request for various fonts… etc.
In order to use them is it just a matter of adding code to the HTML and CSS?

Thank you for sharing that. :smile:

@Flashman and the developer @Whittfield, I tried to install the TextBloc - Hero and received an error the textblock.min.js - [Page Attachment] is missing. Any answers, I know you guys are busy?
This TextBloc appears promising. I’m looking for to trying this. :smile:

Hi @KBConcepts,
If you have removed the bric as some point the .js is not removed automatically. I’m expecting an api update at some point that will solve for this. for now you have to remove the file in the project settings. When you re-add the bric to the page the .js should be there.

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