I figure we must be getting closer to the release of Ventura. I just wondered if anybody has been using it as a beta and how it compares with Monterey at this stage? Are there any compelling reasons to upgrade or stay away when it is released?

Compelling reasons - no.
Unless you want to use stage manager, which I find is expandable.
It may be useful on the iPad but not on desktop imho.

Stay away - no.
It runs smooth and any apps I use (Filemaker, MacGiro, MonkeyOffice, Pixelmator Pro, Blocs etc.) seem to work flawlessly.

There’s a glitch in Blocs 4.5.2.
When a subwindow (class manager etc.) is open the right click to preview in browser doen’t work.
When you close the subwindow all is OK.

I normally say I’ll wait until the GM and then 1 more update. But then I install on day 1 :joy:

I always wait. There are ALWAYS bugs to squash. I usually wait until .3 or .4.

Rich the Weather Guy

:black_cat: :poodle: :bug: Ace Ventura won’t like this, that’s for sure! :rofl:

Yeah, but nice to get the major bugs out of the way…

Rich the Weather Guy

I see Ventura is being released on Monday. At the moment I am having issues with Mail in Monterey that have become a major pain, so I shall be looking to start fresh with a clean install of Ventura. I hope Blocs is all ready for Ventura.

Let me know how you make out!

Rich the Weather Guy