Video autostart

A potential client wanted an animation, so I created a small test example.

They plan to have it autoplay, so I thought I’d fling it into blocsapp and put a page up.

No autoplay.

So I put up the example instead using tumult hype. Would have been nice to do such a simple thing inside blocsapp.

Just saying… :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Or, that a video only “embedded” can start …
and not as a link directly from your own uploaded footage,
and than also embedded, if you wanted.

  • without having any knowledge of coding.

Wishes :slight_smile:


Is the animation a Vimeo or Youtube video?

If so is it something like the left video in my example you’re looking for?

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Thanks for the example, but no, it would have been hosted on the site itself - it’s just a tiny animation.

Love that page background - very effective.

You are great for me - also because, the bees have a sound!
I mean this very much.

But no … I mean, when you upload your own video …
no possibility of linking, no possibility for handling.
You are dependent on people who will send you the link.
Or you know, to write it in the “html”-code.

Actually sad … this dependency.

And … you can not start a video, per link, in full-screen and in HD.
Unless you know how to write it.

New test added local video.

  1. Autostart, looping, without video controls
  2. Autostart, no looping, with video controls

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Cool … you’re the winner!
Would you be so nice
and give me the path
as I start a uploaded video on click into Blocs.

bewildered, Thomas

I just want a uploaded video,
that runs with “Play”

And Germany also knows that D.Trump is an idiot.
Means: “Climate is a lie”


Sure, but there’s a glitch, when you add the code in a HTML widget and export everything is fine.
But after export Blocs remove the autoplay="" tag which you have to add back manually each time you export.
I don’t know if it’s a bug or meant to work like that.

I dropped a HTML widget and then pasted the code in the attached text file.

One is for the autostart, loop video and no video controls.
The other is for autostart, no loop, video controls.

Download this text file with the code

The autoplay don’t work on mobiles, nothing you can do about that.
And the new Safari seen on Apples last week WWDC has a setting to detect and stop auto starting videos.



Very Cool! Thanks for sharing this.
Question in a Responsive / Parallaxing website are there any known issues?
When mention AutoPlay will not work on Mobile devices, does that mean one would have to touch a Play button?

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Yes, mobile users have to push play for any video to start.
That’s beyond our control and it has always been like that.

Autoplay is disabled to prevent unsolicited cellular download.
iOS not only prevents autoplay but also preloading the video until the user initiates it.
Android has disabled autoplay in versions 4.1+.

Thank you so much!
Works best.

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Thank you!

Norm, in Tumult Hype, it’s just a drag and drop… …just saying… …again.

If anyone reading my comment about Tumult Hype thinking that it might be some replacement for Blocsapp, think again - it isn’t. No tool is perfect.

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What’s the best way to preserve video autoplay on a desktop and have the mobile user be able to chose to start the video? I can’t see how you would do this with classes, or any other way.

I really like NOT including the video controls because it provides a beautiful, seem-less experience, so what I’d like to see on the mobile is just a play triangle when I have autoplay video on the desktop.

Can it only be done with youtube/vimeo? Can it be done without using youtube/vimeo?


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Thanks for the instructions – I studied this some more and understand it now

I second the motion to remove the glitch.

Also, I notice that if you convert a video to animated .gif, it will autoplay on iPhone. You can do that with ffmpeg (which I highly recommend) using the following command:
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -r 5 output.gif
Here the 5 can be changed as needed to optimize size/quality of the animated .gif