Video Lightbox or Vimeo?

Hi all, this is my first post.
Firstly I have to say that I’m enjoying using Blocs, never has it been this easy, and with so much control, for an amateur to create a great looking website! Thanks for that!

I am having trouble getting a page to look and work exactly how I would like it. I am creating several pages which should contain 15 to 20 videos each. The videos range in size from 10mb to 18mb. Currently they are on Vimeo.

If I use the Lightbox and Video settings in Blocs, I would have to keep all the videos locally in the website folder. I like the fullscreen option and of course all the benefits of using the Blocs Lightbox.
(Although I am having some trouble with navigation arrows not working in Lightbox.)

My question: will Lazy Load prevent the page from loading all the videos at once, so that the videos only load once the visitor hovers and clicks the image triggering the Lightbox.