Video loop?

Hi all does anyone knows how to make the video play just one time instead of looping all the time
thanks everyone.

I see you have not yet been answered … but now I also add my interest in a video that can only be repeated once …

Background videos at set to loop. Im hoping to add more controls for BG videos later in the year.

The video bric lets you control video looping and you can also hide the controls to give it the effect of a video bg, only downside is you cant layer content over it.

in fact I’m using a video in the BG because I have contents to overlap. I’ll wait for a Blocs upgrade

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@Norm did this ever come to be for BG videos? Looping is exactly what I don’t want!



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I also would like be able to set a background video to NO looping. Please :slight_smile:

Any answer to this yet?

I don’t see the issue in the current version of Blocs. Just add your background video and then select the video in the layer tree on the left of the screen. Deselect the loop option in the settings section of the properties panel on the right. This may have been the update that @norm spoke about in his reply.

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