Video mp4 darken

Hi Guys, I have a mp4 file and I have to make the video darker. Anyone has a simple solution for me? Thanks.

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I guess you could import it into iMovie, where you have some controls and darken it from there before exporting a copy for web.

Hey. I did try iMovie. But it doesnt work. The movie should be as dark as the Movie on

You can do it with final cut pro and a color corrector thats how the blogs video was made, in that matter I know more than with blocs haha

hey @Stewie_Griffin the problem is, I haven’t final cut pro.

I can do it for you if you will like


That would be very nice. Thank you. I ll write you a message.


You could put a black background layer on top of your video in iMovie and adjust the opacity to get the darken video.


Send me the file by wetransfer and I will do it

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@Jakerlund This is what Im looking for. Cool. Thanks.

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You can use the Joyoshare video clipper to adjust the brightness of the video.