Video player fullscreen?

I know this is a totally newbie question, but is there a way with the included video player to have it play fullscreen? Or even better, when playback starts automatically enlarge the player and lay it on top of the web page?

You can have the columns at full width, then set the bloc width in the side panel under appearance to full screen. That will get you 90% there if the video is big enough. Now untick the gutter option under the top row and you are full width.

Ideally what I want to do it have the video player smaller so I can have text next to it (Or a still thumbnail image for the video), but then when someone clicks that a bigger video player appears “over” the page and plays the video. If people dismiss that, it disappears and puts them back where they were before clicking the player/thumbnail.

Sounds like you want to place the video bric inside a modal bric then.

Awesome thanks! Definitely still getting up to speed on this thing…

Followup question. This works great, but if I start the video playing and then X close the modal window, the sound of the video keeps playing. Is there a way to auto-stop the video when the modal window closes?

I only tried this once several months ago and ran into the same problem, so I abandoned the idea but I’ll try later to see if I can find a workaround. I suspect it might require a workaround including some code.

Check out this previous post to see if this helps. :slight_smile: