Video Problem

anyone know what the Problem is ?
Inside Blocs I see that:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-15 um 18.05.10

In Blocs Preview or Browser Preview I see that:

I want to use some local videos. Any Ideas tom get the video smaller? What Format is good for web ? Any goos software ? I know - Final Cut :blush: But it is. to much money for 4 Videos

MP4 videos should be good. I remember there was an issue previewing local videos a while back and they only worked when published, but there shouldn’t be any problems with recent versions of Blocs 3.

To make the videos smaller try Handbrake. It’s free. In the past I have also uploaded videos to Vimeo, then downloaded the encoded version, which works well.

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Plus 1 for handbrake, used it for years, it’s excellent.

Another Handbrake vote from me.
Just as an aside, @Flashman, @Malachiman, what settings do you use to keep things at a reasonable size?

Depends on the usage. The presets I found work pretty well.

For the most part I upload files to Vimeo, let it process and then download the encoded version, but the presets in Handbrake probably work better than anything I could work out myself.

Hi @Flashman
thanks for the tipp !! Perfekt