Video won't play on Android cellphone (Galaxy Chrome), but plays on Mac Chrome

I have mpeg4 videos on website. Plays well on Mac desk top (Chrome) but on android phone, the frame and controls show up, but when you hit the PLAY button, nothing happens. Does show video time (0:00-5:20).


Hi @JohnBush

Do you have a link to investigate the issue ?


This is commonly an issue relating to how the video was encoded. MP4 is a container format that can contain different formats. Mac OSX will usually have players installed that can handle most formats, but Android (for example) may not. The best thing to do is to put your mp4 file through a video converter and select a device specific or general output format, or set up the output file manually with settings such as Video H.264. If you don’t have a video converter app, download a copy of the free Handbrake converter. This will allow you to output to a number of different formats which will work just fine - see attached screenshot. Note the option to optimise for the web - use this option always for video destined for the web.

@hendon52 this looks like a pretty cool App for encoding. Do you mind revealing the name of it?

Hi @KBConcepts

“Handbrake” is the name.


Thanks, my friend. I have not seen Handbreak in a long time, so I didn’t recognize it.

You’re welcome.


Sorry people. The website worked on another phone.
After I rebooted my Galaxy S8, the videos started playing.
I found it wasn;t playing any web videos.
I even deleted my web browser and re installed, that didn’t help.

Thanks again.

** Also for the HandBrake application !

Does HandBrake have any major limitations compared to Professional converters / encoders?

I have not been using it so I could not tell… maybe someone else?

I’ve got a version of Movavi Video Converter Professional - another very good converter application. However, Handbrake does absolutely everything that Movavi does so, I find myself using Handbrake more than the commercial Movavi application. The only real difference between Handbrake and other commercial applications is the user interface. In Handbrake it’s fairly standard and more text based, whereas in other apps the interface is more graphical. Personally, if you have a need for a video converter, I would go for Handbrake every time. It does what it says on the can and there’s nothing wrong with FREE - right?