Video won't play

The video plays OK in preview mode but won’t play on the published site and images take a long time to come in initially.

I’m obviously doing something wrong and would be glad of some advise.

I’m using Blocs 3.5.8



There could be a number of reasons for this. Firstly, when you publish the site, before uploading to your server check the folder where you published locally to make sure that it contains the video file. Also, open the local site in a web browser to see if it’s working correctly. If it is, but doesn’t work when uploaded, it may be that your video file isn’t in a streaming format. This means that the whole file will have to be loaded before it starts playing. For a large video file this could take some time. I would suggest running the file through Handbrake and ensure that the “web-optimised” and “fast decode” options are selected.

If images are slow to load, it’s probably because they are too large. I recommend opening your images folder in the local publish folder, select all the images and run them through “ImageOptim”. This will reduce the file sizes and replace the published images without having to optimise and replace every image in your blocs project. This normally results in much faster image loading times.

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Hi Hendon52,
Thanks for your reply.
Tried your suggestions but unfortunately didn’t make any difference.
Any other suggestions?


Hi @PaulAustin

I know how frustrating things like this can be at times, and I do a lot of videos on websites.
@hendon52 has given some great advice.

I am not a web expert like many on here, but all i do recently is upload videos and embed codes for videos, so I might be able to help…

Can you post the website here? or if not - if you are able to send me in PM, ill take a look - or if you can PM me a link to download the video and I can take a look (in Google drive, drop box or WeTransfer I will have a quick look and see, this is of course if you are able to send)

It’s hard to find the issue without seeing it.

There’s also a pretty foolproof video bloc (or bric) in the store for a small fee, which I’ve used a lot.

Afternoon AdieJAM,

Thanks for your reply.

Here’s the link to the Club’s website which used to work fine.
Home page is fine, Maidstone page is slowish, the Bisley page will eventually load and the Practical Shotgun page will load but the videos won’t run.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi @PaulAustin ,

Thanks for sending over - just had a quick look and the biggest problem is the size of your images.
Lots of them are 1.7mb and some lower at around 400kb and you have a lot of images on some pages, this will massively slow your pages down. @hendon52 did recommend ImageOptim which I use at times, or if you size your images - try to make them lower in size - I tend to aim at around 130kb for smaller and 200kb for larger - this will greatly reduce the size of the page which will massively increase your page speeds.

Your videos look good and work fine- I would probably stick a poster image on too.

here is a link to a video from @Eldar showing how to optimise images which play a huge part.


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Evening AdieJam,

Many thanks for that, I’ll give it a go.



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