Vimeo or youtube video thumbnail (poster)

I haven’t been able to integrate any thumbnail or poster on top of my video.
I have been trying to copy-paste many code from codopen example without success.
Any ideas?

The video at the bottom on this site would be exactly what I want.

Nobody has an idea about that?
It’s all around the web. But I think it’s done with wordpress.
What about doing this with blocs?

Hi @marmess, can you share some of the Codepen scrips you would like to integrate into Blocs?

I have been trying hard to integrate codeopen code I found in past without any good result. But I was thinking about an example like this.

Hi @marmess,
Just copy the HTML into a code widget, the CSS into the page header and the javascript into the page footer. From here you can style/change to your liking within Blocs.

I am able to make the thumbnail disappear as you do but then, I am unable to start the video.
Are you able to start the video?

You will need to upload to your server to make the video working. As you can see the video is not playing on codepen as well. However, when you copy the video link in a new window It works.

Sorry, I picked a bad exemple.
You are right, the video is not working in codeopen. But even when I replace the embed video, it doesn’t work.

Let’s try with this one. In blocs, it seems to work only with the youtube example, not with vimeo.