Volt CMS and Upload

Hi @InStacks
Is there a way to make it possible that the user can change a pdf for an upload ?
So I want to have a Icon and when I click on the Icon a pdf open …
And the user can change this inside blocs / volt …I know there is a way via ftp client and so …but when the user know volt cms it is better he can do that inside volt …
Is there a way ?

Hi Tom,

The possibility to upload documents is on the roadmap.


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Would it be possible in future to upload self hosted videos, rather than Youtube or Vimeo?

You are able then to upload any type of documents.

The video insert option already now accepts a link to a mp4 video file, e.g. located on your server.

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Thanks, that is good to know. I had the impression it could only be done through Youtube or Vimeo.

Hi @InStacks
oh :man_facepalming: I don’t see that …
thanks for your answer.