Volt CMS and uploading blocs

Just starting to use volt cms. Something has occurred to me, if I’m making changes using the CMS online. As blocs doesn’t sync both ways, any upload/change to the original page will overwrite and additions made using volt?

So I either need to copy and paste the content from the online site and put it into blocs for uploading or be absolutely specific when exporting and uploading pages changed in blocs

Hi Alex,

No, the files and content you upload with Volt are stored separately from Blocs. You only specify where you want the content to appear using Content IDs for Volt Content brics.

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Please have a look at the video tutorial.


There is also a very good video from @Eldar available :smiley:

SORTED!!! awesome stuff.

The only thing i don’t understand, although not a show stopper, is when i press return in the VOLT CMS it gives me a Paragraph break not a line break, so if i want something to appear directly under the previous line i have to use the mouse and click on line break instead of just pressing return.

Its an awesome product, i love it !! thanks!

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Hint: shift-return will give you a line break instead of a new paragraph.

And cmd-s will save your edit and keeps editing mode open.

Thanks for the feedback!


Nice, thanks for the tip!!

Seriously this is just perfect for my needs

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