Volt CMS, certain letters not showing

Hi everyone, just been working on a site using Volt CMS, loving the simplicity of it, but just wondering if anyone is having the same problem as me.
all of the copy is currently editable but has been copied and pasted into place, however, if I try to make changes, the letters f, l, m, p and s won’t type - but they start controlling the music player further down the page!

M mutes the volume bar
P plays the current track (and pauses it)
S toggles the active player between alphabetical and random

It’s not a great problem, words can be copied and pasted, just an extra hoop to jump through!

Once again, thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Where are you copy pasting the text from? If it is something like a Word Document or another web page it might even be carrying over code that is creating problems when you try to edit normally.

There are a few plain text plugins on the App Store like Paste Plain Text that remove all formatting when copying text and I leave this enabled by default. In the past I had a lot more issues with Blocs in general before enabling that.

You answered yourself your question. The music player hooks in and registers keystrokes for your mentioned keys, so that the music player starts etc. Nothing I can do about.

Thanks everyone, that’s fine, just wondered if there was a workaround, it’s not a great hassle copying from a plain text document.
@Flashman, I used Text edit in plain text mode to paste from, as I know Word can cause a bit of havoc from time to time.
Probably more questions to follow from the ‘new boy’, but very impressed with both Blocs and Volt so far - and of course the support I’m getting here.

To save time take a look at:


Both are free and work well. You can copy straight from Word docs and web pages etc knowing that the formatting has already been removed.

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Cheers, thanks very much.