Volt CMS - font colour change

@InStacks. As you know I love Volt CMS. Using it today I wen to add red text to my site. But I couldn’t find a way of changing the font colour, have a I missed that?

Also my mailto: Command in hyperlink doesn’t work?

You are not able to change font colors.

But you are able to add classes to the properties window in order to activate a custom class (you have to add to your blocs project) to make text red.

Read about this here: https://blocsaddons.com/volt-cms-tutorial/

Search for Styles image and text

Mail to: well, mailto is not a hyperlink like a link to a website. I will double check.

I just added & started using Volt CMS last week…
I watched the tutorial videos & Eldar’s video explains how to add classes for font colour changes.
I did what he said & ran into the same issue he had in his tutorial.
The reply to you - that InStacks just posted… (I used to sort my issue)… states “Comma seperated list of CSS styles”

(Eldar wrote) red-text, black-text
Should be

IE: no spaces between them

well that’s what worked for me!

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Hmm that should be already sorted in version 1.2.1.

Purchased & installed 23 may 2020… no idea what version it is…

Visible in the extension manager.

1.2.1- it is…

I cannot replicate, so if you have a issue, please send me a DM with a link. Thanks!

No I don’t have an issue…
My point was that I followed Eldar’s video to add some classes & encountered the same thing he did… with his text not behaving as expected.
I simply removed the spacing between the commas and it worked as expected…
I have a few colour texts and they al behave well.

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