[Volt CMS] How to create multiple blogs on one site?

My website - royalclub13.lv

I have several languages on my site.
And I want to have a separate blog in each language.
I created everything according to the guide - but ran into a problem - If you leave the blog ID - as it was for example in Russian - then the English version will blog in Russian.
If you change its number to 2 for example - then nothing is displayed at all. Even if you log in.
I do not understand what the problem. It also does not help if you set in advance the url of the page with a blog. Then the page will not load at all.
What can be the problem?

Did you add on each separate language specific page also blog posts?

Yes, of course.
As it turned out, I was just inattentive - and did not add the option to edit text.
When I added it to the page under the block with the Blog - everything worked.
The issue is resolved.

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