Volt CMS / Iconic Gallery Black Friday 2023

Hello again,

Save 30% on this years Black Friday deal with discount code BLACKFRIDAY23 valid until Nov. 27th.

Also valid for the Brics Bundle, a bundle of Volt CMS, Repository Manager, and Iconic Gallery.

Have fun. Cheers


Great offer! I have all the Brics and they are truly amazing!


I never tire of saying this, but Volt CMS is a must-have third-party bric for Blocs! It’s definitely the best value for your money when it comes to custom Brics! :clap:


Thank you @Eldar I am honored :smiling_face:

Yes, highly recommended, also at full price! :clap: :smiley:



I was going to take advantage of this offer to order VOLT CMS in order to create a blog on my website, but I’ve discovered that VOLT only works with PHP 8 or higher.
I have an online shop (Prestashop) on my website that doesn’t yet work with PHP 8 but only with 7.4, so I have 2 questions:

  • Can VOLT CMS work in 7.4?
  • My subscription with my hosting company only allows me to use one database for my online shop. If I add VOLT CMS, will I need another database?

If someone can answer me, that would be great.




No. Volt CMS does not need a database.

I can’t locate any video tutorials on Iconic Gallery, can you share any links you’ve put together. Looking for installation and use.
Also does https://repodemo.blocsaddons.com have file size limitations? I wanted to see it a 200 mb video file would upload? It did not work, which is why I ask the question.

Thank you

I don’t have right now.

Not really, it all depends on the server and its PHP settings where repository is installed on.

I don’t have enabled that these kind of large files are being able to be uploaded.

My previous host was blocking uploads over and above 200MB. You might want to check with your hosting provider if they’re not doing similar.


:tada: We have a sale too:


First off ,hello all, very new here.Just getting started with Blocs so bear with me.
@Jannis Hi ,when I follow the link to blocsaddons I can’t see anywhere to type in the blackfriday23 discount code. I’m just getting a pay now window at the regular price. Clearly I’m getting something wrong but not sure what.

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@Jannis Ignore previous message. Found it!

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You have to start the checkout. In the Paddle checkout screen you’re able to enter the discount code (on mobile device in the second screen after you entered your email address and zip code).

Welcome to the Blocs community @Mozz :wave:

@Jannis Thanks!

Thanks for your purchase, I appreciate :smiling_face:

Just bought Bundle & Blocs 5 :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome @Hatrix Marko in the community and thanks a lot :star_struck: