Volt CMS missing icons

Hi all,
I can login to page, it redirect me to root after login (I can logout too), but editing icons doesn’t show at all.
CMS folder is created, everything seems to be OK.
Link to site: https://metalresetar.hr
Link to Volt gallery (which is not working): Konstrukcije i bravarija
I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, php version is 7.4… Please help.

JavaScript file references are missing on your page. Please remove the Volt Core Bric from the global footer area and add it again. Redo your settings. Publish.

If the edit icons are still missing after login, please open a support ticket on Blocs.

Thanks for your fast response, but no, still no icons :frowning:

Ok, I reinstalled Volt, removed it from the footer, added it again and now it’s working.

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