Volt CMS preview in Blocs

This issue is fixed in 5.1.0 beta 1 for me

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Great to hear :+1:

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I’m in Blocs 5.0.7 and it’s still not working. Very frustrating. I honestly know (next to) nothing about php, etc. But here’s the error I get when trying to preview in Safari:

I am sorry about that. Unfortunately, I am not able to do anything about this, it is a Blocs issue, please open a support ticket.

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ok thanks. The Blocs update fixed this!

One more random question: If i don’t want to use the buttons (next, go back, etc), how would i do this? Since you can only see them live, and you adjust through the classes, I can’t figure out how to make them inactive/delete them. I didn’t see anything regarding this in the volt bloc settings. I saw where you can put the text for the button, but not a way to not use them at all. Thanks!!!

Hide them with CSS. CSS classes are documented here:

thanks; would i put this in the header or footer?

Best in the designated CSS area.

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oh right, of course. Thanks!

Final question (haha right). Is there a way to have a few posts under a particular blog post as “related posts”? I’m already using the recent posts bric at the top to create a “featured post”, so I can’t use that. And the gallery shows on every blog post page…

No, unfortunately not.

I used the code below but am still seeing the page counter; do you know what class i might be missing? I have .volt-blog-nav-post-counter and .volt-blog-nav-page-counter.

.volt-blog-item-back,.volt-blog-btn-back,.volt-blog-nav-post-prev,.volt-blog-btn-post-prev,.volt-blog-nav-post-counter,.volt-blog-nav-post-next,.volt-blog-btn-post-next,.volt-blog-nav-page,.volt-blog-nav-page-pre,.volt-blog-btn-page-prev,.volt-blog-nav-page-counter,.volt-blog-nav-page-next,.volt-blog-btn-page-next {
display: none;

Link please.

Nevermind; i figured it out. Thanks so much for all your help Jannis.

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Hello everyone


I’ve just bought Volt cms to add an effective blog to my website. Before doing this on my project, I wanted to test the product and so I created a new project following the Volt tutorial. I’ve noticed that I get a completely blank page when I activate the preview. Is this normal?
Do I have to publish to my server for this to work?

I’m using Blocs 5.1.5.

Thank you for your help.

You need to publish Volt CMS at least once to have preview enabled.

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I’ve just done it and I’ve got the same problem. No preview possible in Blocs, including Safari.

Then it’s a problem with the local (PHP) preview server. I’m not able to help with this. For example it could be an already existing process blocking the port, which is used for the preview server.

@norm could you please chime in?

What happens if I publish my “volt test project” on my server and connect to it directly with safari by typing the url?
Will it work in this case?

You mean if you open the webpage inside the Browser? Well of course that’s supposed to work.

Your error with the preview is happening on your Mac, and it is not related to Volt CMS itself.

Yes, I can access it, but I don’t have the Volt menus for creating an article. Could it be a problem configuring Volt cms in Blocks or a misunderstanding on my part?

Thank you