Volt CMS + Repository Manager

In fact, I want to use these two products together.
In fact, Repository Manager closes for me all the shortcomings of VOLT CMS. Specifically, I need the users to be able to place files on the site. And now this is just impossible without Repository Manager.

But still - where can I find a guide on how to use Repository Manager?
I couldn’t figure out how to use it at all. And even more, I don’t understand - whether or not they interact with Votl CMS - and if so, how exactly.

Did you scroll down?



If you enable the Basic Authentication checkbox, a username / password login form will appear. The default username / password combination is admin / admin.
In order to use another password, generate a password hash on https://hash.blocsaddons.com and enter it in the input field.
In order to integrate with Volt CMS, do not check the checkbox, but add a Volt Page Protect Bric above the Repository Manager Bric.