Volt CMS Video/Table Responsive [SOLVED]

Hi everybody,
did someone use volt cms and a YouTube video ? How I get this responsive ? And did someone use a table ? How I get this responsive ?
Thanks or your help

What is your expectation with a “responsive” table? What should happen?

See also: How To Create A Responsive Table

I have you my answer already here: Volt CMS Table - #15 by Jannis

I will have a look.

Doesn’t help to create multiple threads for the same questions.

Hi @Jannis
Again, thanks for your answer.
Exactly the link you send should happen. On a mobile device the table get responsive so I can swipe from left to the right and so I can see all the content. Exactly the link you send me. But my question is: How do that work ? Is this by default when I use a table with volt ? Because at the moment the table only gets smaller.

And yes,I doesn’t help to create multiple threads. But on this thread ( Volt CMS Table) I ask about the format of the clip. Like I said, the clip is 16:9 and after insert the format is not the same. But now on this thread I ask about the responsive video. Because the Video is mobile not responsive. So for me this is another question. Sorry for the confusion …


@tom2, @Jannis already mentioned that Volt handles only content. All the styles are up to you as the designer.

Are you building commercial websites?

Hi @PeteSharp
both …websites for me and websites for clients ( sometimes ) Do you mean that with commercial ?
Yes, I know that Volt handle only content. But I am absolut no coder. And I don’t know how to make a table responsive or a video. When I only use Blocsapp for example the video is responsive and I can choose the format. So, that’s really simple … But the coding stuff :neutral_face: not for me :slightly_smiling_face:
I am really happy that there is that forum here, and lovely people who help …and the patience of @Jannis

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Hi @Jannis and @PeteSharp
I got the video responsive. Set a class and the width 100%.
The only problem is the format. But @Jannis will have a look.
For the Table I try some code to get it Responsive. Thanks for your help - I dont won’t to steel more of your time. Have a great Sunday !! Thanks for your patience

Most probably I will include an option for using http://fitvidsjs.com/ in the next update.


The Table is now responsive without extra code. Use some classes.

.table ( with this class I choose the font and set some padding to the bottom and the left )
.table-responsive ( the table get responsive on mobile )
.table-borderless ( table without border )

Cool :+1:

Now its only the video format problem.

Tom, you repeat yourself. I know it, and adding this JavaScript functionality should also fix the ratio aspect issue you mentioned now 5 times…

If you cannot wait for an update, which will not come before Blocs 3.4.5 is out, add it by yourself.

Hi @Jannis

I don´t know that this also will fix the other problem.

And yes, your wright. I repeat myself. But I think I know why I do this. Sometimes its a little bit frustrating when some things not work correctly. And spent a lot of time to search for a solution …
And the client what to have the page quickly online, and want to make changes by himself and so on …

But let me say, I like Volt CMS and you do a great job.

Just jumping on this old post - anyone here have any links to anything in Volt from @Jannis using tables?

Just brainstorming for a future project and wondering which way to go with it and how tables handle in Volt. Had a little play on the demo but guess I need styling to have some space in between columns.

@tom2 - are you able to share what you did with your table? The URL - be great to see what you have done? - thanks


Hi @Jannis

Just had a play with table and on the websites my client is currently using when you have say 10 columns they will show evenly on mobile and just scroll left and right to view. On volt columns on mobile it shows as many as it can & bunches it all up and chops off the last columns if they don’t fit.

Is there a way to have it so I can slide the table to the right to view all?

This is what I’ve done on your demo:


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I believe I recognize the man who unraveled the mystery :rofl:

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:exploding_head: search on the forum :joy:

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Only read the volt headed posts, hence why I jumped on a post related to the subject when reading.

I ignored the google spreadsheets one, and skimmed through the others - I’ll have a look later after a bit more sleep.

Might have solved it anyway by not using volt in the end.

Thanks for the link and help everyone.

That’s not the solution. You have to use Volt on every site. Every. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They do the tables on a spreadsheet to start with so they said they might just take a photo of the spreadsheet & get me to add on the page each month.

But I’m pushing for them to have a page using volt where they can use the table themselves.

More chats later this week.

I’ll continue to play around with the volt table though as it’s my preferred solution.

I still couldn’t find the answer to my question on those threads - just lots of ranting of people falling out!!! And discussions of other ways.

I’m skimming through on my phone while half asleep so maybe later I’ll look more.