Volt CMS Video/Table Responsive [SOLVED]

Hi everybody,
did someone use volt cms and a YouTube video ? How I get this responsive ? And did someone use a table ? How I get this responsive ?
Thanks or your help

What is your expectation with a “responsive” table? What should happen?

See also: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_table_responsive.asp

I have you my answer already here: Volt CMS Table

I will have a look.

Doesn’t help to create multiple threads for the same questions.

Hi @InStacks
Again, thanks for your answer.
Exactly the link you send should happen. On a mobile device the table get responsive so I can swipe from left to the right and so I can see all the content. Exactly the link you send me. But my question is: How do that work ? Is this by default when I use a table with volt ? Because at the moment the table only gets smaller.

And yes,I doesn’t help to create multiple threads. But on this thread ( Volt CMS Table) I ask about the format of the clip. Like I said, the clip is 16:9 and after insert the format is not the same. But now on this thread I ask about the responsive video. Because the Video is mobile not responsive. So for me this is another question. Sorry for the confusion …


@tom2, @InStacks already mentioned that Volt handles only content. All the styles are up to you as the designer.

Are you building commercial websites?

Hi @Malachiman
both …websites for me and websites for clients ( sometimes ) Do you mean that with commercial ?
Yes, I know that Volt handle only content. But I am absolut no coder. And I don’t know how to make a table responsive or a video. When I only use Blocsapp for example the video is responsive and I can choose the format. So, that’s really simple … But the coding stuff :neutral_face: not for me :slightly_smiling_face:
I am really happy that there is that forum here, and lovely people who help …and the patience of @InStacks

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Hi @InStacks and @Malachiman
I got the video responsive. Set a class and the width 100%.
The only problem is the format. But @InStacks will have a look.
For the Table I try some code to get it Responsive. Thanks for your help - I dont won’t to steel more of your time. Have a great Sunday !! Thanks for your patience

Most probably I will include an option for using http://fitvidsjs.com/ in the next update.


The Table is now responsive without extra code. Use some classes.

.table ( with this class I choose the font and set some padding to the bottom and the left )
.table-responsive ( the table get responsive on mobile )
.table-borderless ( table without border )

Cool :+1:

Now its only the video format problem.

Tom, you repeat yourself. I know it, and adding this JavaScript functionality should also fix the ratio aspect issue you mentioned now 5 times…

If you cannot wait for an update, which will not come before Blocs 3.4.5 is out, add it by yourself.

Hi @InStacks

I don´t know that this also will fix the other problem.

And yes, your wright. I repeat myself. But I think I know why I do this. Sometimes its a little bit frustrating when some things not work correctly. And spent a lot of time to search for a solution …
And the client what to have the page quickly online, and want to make changes by himself and so on …

But let me say, I like Volt CMS and you do a great job.