Volt CMS - Wishlist

Dear community,

With adding the blog functionality to Volt CMS v1.3, the most requested feature was added :tada:

On the roadmap I have:

  • Volt Protect - Password protected pages
  • Upload of documents like PDF or audio files
  • Optionally load whole content areas with PHP
  • Blog updates like recent posts and archive
  • Deeper integration into Blocs (with v4)

Anything else you want to have?



Nice roadmap, those 5 points are great, cant wait to use the recent post and archive, my client will be even more happy with the .PDF upload. My wish list is complete. Great job @Jannis the Volt CMS works smoothly!!!

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Hi all, can anyone post the pages they are using volt on please if possible?
I’d like to see it working on various designs and what integration this has with the clients if possible?

This looks great! Good work

Thanks all

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Oh yes yes!!! Protect is definitely something I’d have use for

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Very good idea. I wanted to start something like this already some time ago.

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Good move !..maybe once you get a few it might be worth creating a page on your website and linking it? (with their permission of course) and a link to Blocs from @Norm as this will be great marketing for both of you.

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Question: using volt can clients publish a new blog or it only let you edit the existing content?


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Once they have the login details, the clients can add new blog posts, or edit existing ones done through Volt.

If you mean add a second blog to the site, then that’s your remit. Then the client can do the above.

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I’d love to be able to have the latest blog post using - let’s say - all 12cols, with all other blog posts below using 6 (2 in a row) or 4 (3 in a row) columns. That way the latest blog post would make kind of an impression :wink: If that’s understandable at all…


Firstly, I think the Volt CMS is fantastic. I use it for a blog on one site and a news section on a second.

Secondly, the support I received from Jannis was great. The issues I had were down to my lack of knowledge using the plugin, not due to any problems with it.

I, personally, would love it if password protected page functionality was introduced. I would also like the ability to make columns with the UI (I suppose that could be achieved by the ‘code’ function, but it’s less user friendly). Finally, allowing readers to comment on blog posts would be brilliant.

Thanks again to Jannis for a great plugin and service.

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@Jannis Any news on future updates on Volt or the actual state of development? :slight_smile:

Volt CMS 1.5 is ready soon. I have to wait for Developer API fixes from @Norm in order being able to release it. It will contain:

  • A way to upload and manage all kind of files

  • Fixing of login problems

  • Heading tag settings for the blog list and detail view

  • Responsive videos, 16/9 aspect ratio

  • Image protection

  • Japanese translation

  • Disqus comment integration for blog posts

  • Settings for place of metadata and share icons


How exciting! :grinning:!

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Hi Jannis,
very good, thanks!
Is there a way to get blog posts into the sitemap?

Lovely. Will there be options to have the image in the blog overview left / right or alternating at some point?

For now I‘m happy that we‘ll be able to change the heading tag for the post title. Yay! :grin:

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This is great news!!

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TOP :+1: :+1:

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so damn awesome!!!

must learn how to use disqus

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Yes, at the bottom that’s described.

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Later, maybe in 1.6.