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@Jannis, is it possible to add related posts to the end of an article on the blog? By related I am referring to all articles in a particular category. If that seems too long for some people than restrict it to the last 5-10 articles. I personally would prefer all as I am building Silos for SEO purposes. -Thanks

Should the category where there recent posts are displayed based on be dynamic?

Not sure what you are asking? While a visitor is reading no. But as additional new post are made it should update each time the page is called. Similar to what the recent post would do. So as the website grows within the category so does the number of related articles listed. Does that answer your question?

Is the category, which defines the related posts, fixed?

Hey Janis, I’m not quite sure what you mean by that?

You can have different categories for posts. Which category should be the base for the related posts underneath the blog post detail?

Or does every post just has one category, and this one should be the base for the related posts?

I see. So in this case for me I am an old school blogger. Any single post can only have one topic (category) and then have multiple sub-topics (tags).

Category = Cars
Tag = Red, Chrome, Classic, Exotic

So if Volt allows more than one category per post; is it possible the list would default to the first category selected? Keeping it simple. Rather than needing to select a specific Category or selecting from a drop down list.

Just first category selected is what the related posts are drawn from.

Thanks for asking! :smiley:

Was thinking more on this. If this was a setting inside of the UI for making a new post we could select any tag or category we wanted to display as related posts. Rather than be a separate bric and setting.

It won’t be that easy. I have to check what’s possible.

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Was anything like this implemented?
I’m still holding off on adding a CMS at the moment, but have > 100 pages of detailed content across some 8+ categories, and the ability to auto-generate ‘related’ posts in some fashion is almost a requirement for me to consider moving (vs all content created directly in Blocs).

You can create the categories as you create posts. Then you can have a menu that would allow users to click on these categories and display all the posts in the category. This is how I set up my blog. You can see the menu on my sidebar under Post Interest.


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