Want to add a scheduling calendar to my bloc page

Hi I am wondering if anyone can assist me in adding a calendar page that a customer can add a time/date to. I’m a beginner and do not understand how to incorporate a JS such as this Display your ics calendar on your website – FOSS Notes

Into a bloc free template, which is what I am using. I have an appliance repair business and wish to allow customers to click a button to get to the calendar page and schedule their appointments.

If you can assist me or can send a message with an estimate for you to do it… I’m open to that as well.

So you want to…

  1. Show your calendar on your website
  2. Allow customers to pick a free time and book an appointment based on availability.
  3. That then gets added to your calendar and the time becomes unavailable to another customer.

You will be better off subscribing to a service than having someone build this from scratch. Also way cheaper.

For example I use Calendly for my clients. It syncs with a calendar I have on my Mac, shows my international clients their own time zone, doesn’t allow them to book when I am busy and sets up a zoom or teams call. It may not be exactly a match for what you are after, my business needs are different, but there are tons of these services online.

The saved hassle and time is worth more than the monthly fee.

Thanks @PeteSharp is it hard to add something like that to a bloc page?

Usually these services will give you code you can copy and paste into a code widget.

It’s in their best interest to make it easy to embed.

@PeteSharp Thank you for that tip I will look at it and blocs for the widget you mention! Cheers