Waves demo gradient

Hey all,

On the Blocs store bric ; Waves, on the demo the page has a gradient as background, I take it this is created by doing the old school way of creating it in as a Jpg and then adding it as an image?
Wish when adding background and colour - Gradient could be added on??

Also the text has gradient on too - is this done externally out of Blocs?..Gradient is now needed in class editor I think

Thought I would ask on here - as might be something I am missing or not finding!


Cheers all.

Hi Adrian,

You can do both in Blocs app Class Editor. For text, just make sure to select the text using the dropdown menu for Clip.


haha !!!..Thanks @Eldar - legend ! thats where its hiding !!

Yes - the background is perfect!

But have one major issue - and shows the same on yours, the colours are terrible on text on a header. I cant seem to get white !!! Its a dark grey. On the Waves text - it’s white.

Very strange - and colours just seem to drowning out by this grey and not in its true colour.

They all have a dark grey behind them !! image attached of mine.

@Norm how did you get a nice white as on the waves text on the demo page? thats looks perfect for something im working on, but just cant get this to work.

Use this buddy.


Yeah, as you can read from the document Norm has shared, you can set the opacity of the text color to 0% to make it brighter!

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Thanks both this works !!!

Just a quick one - I did notice the gradient does not do the text only, this does the whole section from the full size column, so the text gradient only fades in the space it takes up. So if the header is set to the left of the column, then your get the strongest colour in that section. (hope this makes sense!!) I have to adjust the column size for the graduation to happen.

Could this be updated to when graduation is set for text - it purely does that text section only? - this will speed up work flow.

Ive done images to show - hope this makes sense, or is this how it’s designed to work?

Yeah that’s normal. Just set a max width to avoid it.

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@AdieJAM All of the above was achieved in Blocs without using a single paid stack, framework or plugin. Makes you think :thinking:


yeah !!! when i know where things are im fine!! Sometimes its looking right at me and I see it and move elsewhere - now i know how this works fully - its opened up the door to being creative more and more.

Loving Waves - not sure where I am going to use it as yet !! but will do when the time is right.
I would love to see the shape divider, that I would use a lot as love to break up sections and slice them up a little !

Somewhere over the rainbow I am sure Norm has a crack team of Ninjas working on all sorts of goodies for Blocs, however there is already a massive amount you can do with a little knowledge and the right mindset.

Waves, used it, love it: Scroll down to the bottom.

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Nicely done without being OTT.

lovely touch - well done.