Way to share my page

looking for a way to allow a visitor to share my page with others (like when you go to a job search and it lets you ‘share this job’

any ideas?

Hello @mmhurtado,

Although you can build the sharing buttons manually in Blocs, I recommend to check out the 3rd party services like AddThis for more simple solution. Basically, you just add a simple code to your project, and the sharing buttons will appear on your website. There are some premium options, but even the free ones will be more than enough for your case.


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Having been around long enough to see things come and go, I try to minimize 3rd party plugins etc. on websites. I have seen what happens when the services go down, have a back link inserted into the code to their website (sometimes out of necessity) and a host of other issues.
A friend who has over a 100 websites built using a particular font service just had to go in and redo many of the sites.
This has been one reason it’s nice to have solid “native” plugins (bricks I guess) the only thing to worry about is one company and or changes in browser trends etc.
again I find your videos excellent. They are concise and to the point.

So do you know of a native bric - am I missing one? Total newbie here :slight_smile:

I decided to simply use a button and send an email - (I want to have the user fill in the address. So I am using this following in the Button URL interaction

mailto:?subject=For your next fundraiser&body=SupportThe.Org has a great way to raise money

That works fine, but as soon as I throw www. in the body - I get an error. it says it can not find the mailto server.

My site is not live yet.

Any thoughts?


I think Eldar or someone else her3 can best answer you. :grinning: