We really need a good native slider here

I try the main 3 custom Brics to make slider with blocs … and really something is missing …

The swifty carrousel of @Whittfield, and the two of @Lucas (swiper and infinite slider)

See … I will put a slider with a lot of slide to show some works … and apparently we can not re-order any slides ? I will have something like 25 slides … I really need to be able to re-order them (for example be able to put the last recent work as slide … 1 as today I only can add a slide so … the most recent will be at the 26 position … )

It looks like all containers in a custom brics are locked (red locker on them cf image) … I don’t know if the fault is on Blocs layer tree conception or custom related brics conception.
CleanShot 2023-10-02 at 18.24.30@2x

Have an idea for a workaround ? Do I miss something ?

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I use Lucas’s Brics and both work fine for me. Now, I was not trying to get any particular order…so you may be right there. Do they list in any kind of order when you load them in the Bric?
I use Iconic Gallery for some large photo loads. You may want to look at that Bric.

It is very well supported by Jannis here in the forums, and for that matter, so it Ifinite slider by Lucas.

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Good call @FredFromParis, I would also like a carousel or slider which could show most recent work first to show my paintings.

@TrevReav If you are using the standard carousel Bric you can re-order the slides.


The same applies to Swiffy.

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Well I never realised that!
I thought when you imported as slide1, slide2 etc. that was how they were displayed. Never realised you could drag them into an order.
Cheers @PeteSharp

good tip !! thanks !

Yet swiffy makes crash blocs often …

I found a workaround … I customize with Easy configuration of mobile and touch friendly slider what I want …

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