Weather Alert - Western Europe/UK

UK weather: Storm Ciarán batters coast with huge waves and 98mph gales as Brits face danger to life warning tomorrow

A very strong storm will affect these areas tonight and Thursday.

Rich the Weather Guy


I’m just off the beach on the south west coast in Cornwall. So far it’s just very wet but expecting the winds to pick up in the next few hours.

Stay safe Flash…

Rich the Weather Guy

I haven’t been outside yet, but I can see from the window that our garden shed has been blown over. It’s bad out there.

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Deadly Storm Ciarán Brings 100-Plus-mph Winds To Northwest Europe, Knocks Out Power To Millions

I hope you get through the storm with minimal damage Flashman. I am surprised you have power and can connect!?

Rich the Weather Guy

We are OK here so far, but around 10% of the county has no power this morning. I was just reading an article in a major newspaper saying a tornado may come in as well. I’ve decided to leave the shed where it is at the moment until this has passed.

Newspapers were talking about this coming for a few days but there was no indication it would be major until a few hours before it hit.

Interesting that your local weather people did not sense the strength of this system? Here in the USA we have been talking about how strong this storm would be for you folks for a couple of days now?
Better to stay indoors with winds that ferocious. A projectile moving at 50 MPH + can severely damage your body!!!

Rich the Weather Guy

They were definitely talking about it but I just had the impression it would be some strong wind with heavy rain, which is pretty normal at this time of year when you live on the coast. It was only yesterday when they started warning people not to go out etc.

Usually a “Bomb” cyclone like this grows in strength very quickly (Hence the word “bomb”) and it can catch forecasters off guard because of the rapid strengthening.
That is probably what happened here.

Amazing that you still have power and connectivity.

Rich the Weather Guy

How did you make out Flash?

Rich the Weather Guy

Yes no worries, though I saw one or two on a motorcycle who didn’t get the memo about the wind and rain potentially being dangerous.

Oh my gosh!!!

Rich the Weather Guy