Web accessibility

What are developers doing with this?

Hey, @KBConcepts. Let’s turn it around. What would users like yourself see from this? :thinking:

Nothing really for me. At the present I am not building any sites that require it. If the A.D.A. makes it mandatory then we all have to comply. I am just putting the information out there wondering if anyone has dealt with it and how they went about it.

To quote you: 1 Million developers use the solution I provided to you in your previous post.

Or, as an alternative, just use the Accessibility Evaluation tool as shared with you back in March 2021;

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Not everyone lives in America.

Whether it’s mandatory or not, we should all be making efforts because accessibility is about inclusiveness for people with disabilities or who use assistive technology.

There are a bunch of things that are easy to do, like with our colour swatches… Eg. we can use apps like ColourSlurp to check contrast scores etc.

From a professional service perspective, I think corners are often cut, because of budget / time constraints on jobs.

The WAI is updating much of this information, but there is a lot here.

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Thank you, Pete. That was a good link you shared.