Web Games?

Can you make a website-based board game like Monopoly with Blocs? I don’t plan to remake Monopoly (calm down Hasbro lawyers) but many of the things I want to do with my website can only be done with the same functionality needed to make a board game similar to Monopoly.

Does Blocs handle sound as well as it does graphics? So far every web-design app I’ve tried has gone out of their way to prevent sound from appearing on your website. Most people have ears as well as eyes, so I work in sound as well as images. If someone clicks on the water droplet icon I want them to have the option hear a soothing rainfall background sound. If they click and drag a duck icon to drop it on an image of Weird Al Yankovich, they should be able to hear a quack-rendition of Hamilton Polka if they so desire. Yet every app I’ve tried to build web pages with insists the internet be as silent as the vacuum of space.

I do know javascript but I’m bad at it, my brain just isn’t wired for programming (the same way most programmers’ brains aren’t wired for making music). I should have said “simple HTML5 games” instead of web games because most of the things I need to do are along the same lines as HTML games.

And as for sound, why is it when you mention sound on a web site everybody, and I do mean EVERYBODY, immediately assumes you want your site to auto-play ear-shattering screeching headache-inducing death metal at full volume with no option to mute? This ignorant thinking is why web-building apps rarely have any sound options, and those few that do are awkward or troublesome to use.

I’ve worked with a group who wanted to make a zoology website for kids where clicking on an animal icon would play a sound, but they had to abandon the project because nobody involved was proficient enough in javascript and not a single website app they tried was capable of handling sound easily. Another group I was associated with wanted to make a website explaining how symphonies worked, allowing visitors to mix the different parts of the orchestra to experience how the sounds melded together. I advised them to give up as they would never find the sound tools needed or a programmer who could handle sound. Five months later they abandoned the project.

I just wish web people would realize that site visitors have ears as well as eyes.

Hello @palenoue did you try hype?

Thanks for pointing that out. I tried Hype when it first came out, it didn’t suit my needs and I put it in my “Does Not Work” list then promptly forgot about it. It’s good to see they’ve developed it a lot more so I’ll check it out again.

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@palenoue Blocs also has a Hype bric, so that you can import Hype 4 files into Blocs websites.