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Hi all, I need some advice please. I am developing a website for a friend, who has delegated me to upload to Go-Daddy hosting. I have had previous experience with Go-daddy and they are too focussed on their own interests. I open this page and noticed for the first time that blocs have hosting available. Before I try to persuade my friend to cancel go-daddy, does anyone on the forum have experience with blocs hosting? I shall investigate prices etc. but it might be worth it.

I personally do not know anyone who has used Blocs hosting ! - I am a fan of Siteground as it does 100% everything I need, but prices do go high after the initial join period, but I just pass this cost onto my clients for the knowledge they are getting good hosting with on the second support which is the best I have ever know.
Hostinger is a good budget friendly one too.

I have heard nothing but bad thing about Go-Daddy!!! I have had several friends who have warned me to keep well away!

Good luck !

Like @AdieJAM, I have no experience of Blocs hosting, but GoDaddy is definitely a no-no from me.
Personally, I use www.ineedwebhosting.co.uk for both hosting and registration. Very solid, reliable, and decent pricing. I have about 12 sites with them.

That awful word that wreaks terror in the heart of any web designer: GoDaddy.

There was somebody who tried to set up a so called Blocs hosting service about 5 years ago and then closed it about a day later. It was all slightly strange and you don’t need specific hosting for Blocs.

Generally speaking, you want web hosting that is near the target audience of the website. I am in the UK and use London based guru.co.uk for both my own sites and clients. They are not the absolute cheapest but they are solid for speed and uptime. Support is knowledgable.

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It was @Blocs_Guy who was offering this. I haven’t seen him around in ages. Also his website blocshosting.com is down. The packages are still offered in the Blocs Store though.

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@TrevReav I can second that. I have used Ineedwebhosting for years and have always had great support and service from them.

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Glad to hear Guru are serving you well mate, been perfect for me for years now, so +1 for them if you are UK based.

Hi Yoshi2:

I believe there is at least one long thread on this forum concerning hosting, FYI.

I use PAIR. Excellent customer service, very responsive. Been with them for about 9 months now. Zero issues.

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