Website Update

Greetings to all, I just updated my website, and I would like to know your opinions, all will be welcome

maybe there are one or two adjustments to make, but I want to know your opinions, all built with pads

Warm Regards - Manuel R

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Hi Nelo, you have double animation. We had that problem to. Just make the preloader ON and it will be solved. And my question is why do you have two menus. One on bottom and second one on the top right side (hamburger menu)?

Very nice site! How did you get the meny in the bottom of the hero?

I think it was for pleasure, it made me interesting a visible menu, while for anything to have another at the top !! in particular I do not like the preloader, but if necessary I will apply it.

thanks for the comment

the bottom menu is only link text that brings defaul the application fits very well.

Thanks for the comment