Wechat icon link to wechat account

Hi !!! there is a wechat icon in the icons manager… i would like to link that icon to a wechat account. how can i do this? ah! also with the phone icon too!!

thanks a lot!!!

Check the icons interactions setting. You’ll find a navigate to url option there. Make sure to tic “New Tab” too, once you added the WeChat url, so that site visitors still have your website open.

Hi thanks for the quick reply.
Actually what I need is when tab ( mobile ) the wechat icon can open the wechat app----> go to my account ( for those who already have wechat installed in their mobile phones)

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. So you want to have the visitor, while on a smartphone to have the WeChat App opened when they tap the icon?

Ok can’t do… I just added a QR code and this does the job.
thank for your help bro! :slight_smile: